Generation Z – Revolution in the World of Marketing

Generation Z, a group of young people born in the 1990s and early 2000s, is currently one of the most influential forces in the market. Their approach to life, values, and consumption habits make it imperative to consider them in marketing strategies. In this article, we will examine how Generation Z is influencing marketing and what resonates with them.


Multimedia Experiences

Growing up in a technology-filled world, Generation Z finds traditional forms of advertising losing significance. For them, interactive and multimedia experiences are crucial. Campaigns that engage the senses and allow interaction tend to be more successful. Marketers need to invest in creative product presentations, such as videos, interactive games, or AR filters.

A successful example of a campaign based on multimedia experiences is “Nike Training Club.” This app offers interactive video workouts personalized to individual user preferences. Through this innovative approach, the sports brand Nike engages Generation Z, enabling active participation in workouts while promoting its products.


Authenticity and Values

Generation Z is particularly sensitive to authenticity and genuine values. Advertising messages must be transparent, sincere, and aligned with the values important to this social group. Brands that engage socially, support diversity, and address social issues gain recognition from Generation Z.

The clothing company “Patagonia” serves as an excellent example of a campaign based on authenticity and values. Their commitment to environmental protection, transparent production of eco-friendly clothing, and active support for sustainable fashion initiatives capture the attention of Generation Z, for whom ecological issues are significant.


Social Media and Influencers

Social media is not just a communication tool but also a platform for discovering novelties and inspirations. Marketers must be present on popular platforms, create compelling content, and collaborate with influencers who have the trust of this group. Recommendations from individuals considered authentic and associated with a specific area have a significant impact on purchasing decisions.

During our “Black King of The Night – Króluj w Grach” campaign at Next Level Agency, six different influencers promoted Black Energy Drink through posts on social media and creating game guides. This connected with contests where participants could win Black Energy Drink or gaming computers. Their authentic knowledge of the games encouraged fans to watch their content and tips.


Mobility and Immediacy

Generation Z lives in a mobile world where everything happens quickly and immediately. Strategies must be tailored to this dynamic pace of life, with websites and advertising campaigns optimized for mobile devices, and messages concise, informative, and easily digestible.

Our Unilever campaign launched at the end of 2023 focused on creating awareness among gamers about the possibility of getting Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream deliveries without leaving their desks. Ads offering discounts on deliveries via Uber Eats and special bundles with Pizza Hut were placed on live streams of popular streamers like Overpow.


Personalization of Experiences

Individualism is crucial for Gen Z, so purchasing experiences must be personalized. It’s beneficial to use data and technology to offer products and content tailored to individual user preferences.

An example of personalized experiences is the custom gaming computers used as prizes in the Black Energy Drink King Of The Night contests. These PCs, due to their uniqueness, attracted hundreds of participants, who competed for the one-of-a-kind computers. The custom reward motivated participants to answer advanced questions or participate in live game shows to win a dedicated, unique computer produced by the well-known specialist Czuga.



Generation Z is revolutionizing the world of marketing with its unique preferences and values. Marketers who understand this social group and adapt their strategies to meet their expectations will be able to effectively reach this powerful group and build lasting relationships with customers. In today’s dynamic marketing world, adapting to the needs of Generation Z becomes a crucial element of success for any campaign.

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