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effective campaigns

Effective campaigns

We will enhance any marketing strategy to deliver KPIs through effective campaigns aimed at the gaming and esports community

marketing strategies

World-class game marketing strategies

We will create and deliver a brilliant campaign to promote your game, using world-class marketing strategies

What we do:

We are the Game Marketing Agency, which means we specialise in reaching Gamers (including Video Game Players, Stream Viewers Esports Fans, iGaming Community or Mobile Game players) with wide variety of Marketing Channels (like e.g.: Advertising, Creative Graphic and Video Content, Brandbook, Key Visuals, Copywriting, Gaming PR, Influencers, Streamers, Community Management, Social Media Activations, Events, Media Campaigns, Media Partnerships, Publishing) to Deliver Goals like: Game Launch, Product or Brand Restage through widening Target Group, Product Launch to Gamers, GameDev promotion, Game Monetisation, Esports Activations, Boosting Sales of a Gaming product.
We are able to help on each step of the way: from Building Business & Marketing Strategy, through PR & Advertising Campaigns, Influencer & Media partnerships, up to Analytics & Advisory on future Effective Business Building.

Click below to see just few examples of what we do.

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Why us

experienced agency gaming brands agency connecting games and marketing

Difference vs other agencies is:

Game marketing

We have proven experience in delivering:

  • end-to-end services in gaming & esports

as well as

  • marketing campaigns for top brands internationally

Our Team

We are a team of people who combine many years of experience in Marketing & Gaming, altogether we have spent:

  • 36 years in marketing
  • 162 years in gaming
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Join Us

professional marketing agency professional gaming agency agencja marketing gier kampanie marketingowe gaming we are recruiting

If you are an ambitious person with a passion for our industry, please fill out the Spontaneous Application so that we can consider you for future recruitment.

Spontaneous application


Spontaneous application

If you want to join us, you need the following attributes:

  • Playing games
  • Interest in the world of gaming and esports.
  • Commitment
  • Reliability in completing assigned tasks.
  • Knowledge of the gaming industry and community.
  • Excellent proficiency in both written and spoken Polish and English.


Useful skills:

  • Work experience in an agency handling advertising campaigns.
  • Ability to independently manage advertising projects from co-creating ideas, planning, sales, ordering and execution, through formalities and problem-solving, to summaries and implementation of conclusions.
  • Knowledge in the field of media and advertising (with a minimum focus on social media platforms).
  • Experience in mentoring junior employees.


As a team, we guarantee:

  • Opportunity for fast learning and competence development.
  • Working on projects in all areas of marketing.
  • Low level of boomerism.
  • Loft-style office.
  • Hybrid work.
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